Salvation Army extends shelter for homeless in Volusia

Plan to help homeless falls through at commission meeting

A homeless shelter was set to close in Daytona Beach on Tuesday after a plan to help the homeless fell through last week. But the Salvation Army is footing the bill to extend the shelter.

On Wednesday, city commissioners voted against using the vacant Armed Forces Reserve Center as a temporary shelter after some residents argued about the location, safety and property.

In January nearly one hundred homeless moved from outside the county administration building to the Salvation Army as part of the emergency bed bridge program. The organization said it doesn't want to kick anyone out, but it has to make room for other agencies and their clients.

The city hopes to build a more permanent shelter on five acres of public property west of Interstate 95, but that won't be ready until spring 2017 at the earliest.

The Salvation Army will now remain open to the homeless until Aug. 1.

A spokesperson for the city of Daytona Beach said they're doing everything they can to find a new temporary shelter to house the homeless until construction on a permanent shelter is complete.

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