Deltona residents raise concerns over new trash program

City says the goal is to beautify the community

DELTONA, Fla. – Residents in Deltona are complaining about the city's new trash program, but city leaders say it's aimed at making the community more attractive.

"When you try to adjust people's way of living, it becomes kind of contentious sometimes," Deltona Mayor John Masiarczyk said.

Masiarczyk says he acknowledges the headaches that come with change, but he believes the new trash program will beautify the city.

"70-80% of the people have already complied. There's just a few holdouts that the people want to go back to the old system, but it's not practical in this day and age," Masiarczyk said.

Starting next Monday, everyone has to put all of their trash in a 96 gallon bin that is collected once a week by automated garbage trucks. Residents are no longer allowed to use other bins, or leave trash outside the container. If they do, they could face fines.

"Those who don't comply will be notified again, allow 24 hours to correct the violation, and after that it'll be handled like a normal code enforcement violation," Masiarczyk said.

Masiarczyk says the fines would depend on the amount of trash left behind.

"It's the responsibility of the homeowner to keep the front of their yard looking good," Masiarczyk said.

Several residents told News 6 the bins are not large enough to hold all of their trash. They called the new program "annoying" and an "inconvenience."

The city's vice-mayor Chris Nabicht said in a statement, "I don't feel we should complicate the situation by implementing the full program until we've worked out the imperfections that have already been identified."

The city held a "soft launch" of the program during the months of June and July. It goes into effect on Aug. 1.

Masiarczyk tells News 6 that if residents have more trash than can fit in the bin, they can purchase or lease a second bin from the garbage company. They can also schedule a special pickup for bulkier items.

Special pickup items that are not scheduled cost $25 per cubic yard.
Scheduled bulk trash pickup is free, as long as it is within the pickup limits.

However, the city told News 6 it is charged $34 per ton for garbage and $23 per ton for yard waste.

The mayor adds the goal isn't to fine people, it is to beautify the city.

"We don't want it to get to that point. We think everybody will comply after a while. It's just you finally had to pull the plug and have a start date," Masiarczyk said.

Masiarczyk says this is something everyone will have to get used to.

"The consensus was to move forward with the program. It's working," Masiarczyk said.

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