Ex-booster club president used $10K of club money for personal items, cops say

Aaron Wilborn arrested by PCSO on fraud, grand theft charges

Photo Courtesy of Polk County Sheriff's Office
Photo Courtesy of Polk County Sheriff's Office

PLANT CITY, Fla. – The former president of the Kathleen High School Booster Club was arrested Tuesday on accusations that he spent almost $10,000 of the club's money for personal items, authorities said.

Aaron Wilborn, 33, of Plant City, was arrested by Polk County fraud detectives on charges of fraud and grand theft. He is accused of using the booster club debit and credit cards to pay for fuel, food, movie tickets and other items, according to deputies.

Deputies said it is unclear when Wilborn began serving as the board's president, but he was asked to step down before June 29, 2015 because board members suspected that he had been misusing funds.

The members contacted the Polk County School Board, which contacted the Polk County Sheriff’s Office to conduct an investigation, officials say.

Polk County Public Schools released a statement saying, "The school district’s Internal Audit Services department audited the booster club’s records and identified the misappropriated funds," before turning the information over to the Sheriff's Office.

According to a police affidavit, two years of bank statements and other documents confirmed that Wilborn spent nearly $10,000 on personal purchases.

Wilborn did not fill out any of the written requisition for reimbursement forms required of Booster Club members, according to the affidavit.

Deputies said Wilborn admitted to using Booster Club credit and debit cards to pay his Sprint bills, his Geico insurance bill, personal fuel purchases, movie theater purchases and food purchases, but he thought he was owed the payments because he was using his personal car and phone for Booster Club activities.

Wilborn was not an employee of the school, but a volunteer who had access to the Booster Club’s debit and credit cards, according to deputies.

According to the statement, the Kathleen High School Athletic Booster Club no longer operates. Last year, the school set up an internal account where coaches are able to deposit funds and purchase items through the school’s athletic director and finance secretary instead.

Wilborn was taken to the Polk County Jail and Polk County Public Schools thanked the Sheriff's Office for its "prompt and professional response."



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