Pulse Owner has 'desire' to create permanent memorial, creates fund

Owner of Pulse Nightclub has created a fund to help pay for a possible memorial

ORLANDO, Fla. – The spokesperson for Pulse Nightclub told News 6 on Wednesday that no definite plans have been made to construct a permanent memorial at the nightclub's current location.

However, the spokesperson did say that it is the owner's "desire" to have a memorial located on the site.

Pulse also said that the owner is still paying a mortgage on the property.

With the creation of the OnePulse Foundation, part of the money would be used to construct the memorial, if one is ever decided upon.

Carlos Sifuentes, the owner of No. 1 Celebrity Barber Shop, said on Wednesday that several of his customers have voiced their support for a permanent memorial at the club's current location. 
"They want it out of respect to the people who was lost in the tragic event you know, but you know whatever the people want, you know I think it should happen," said Sifuentes.

Over at Game Face Tattoo, tattoo artist Keisha Ozias said with the tragedy happening across the street, businesses in the area are still getting used to their new normal.

"It's all still so new and people are still really affected by everything, so it's a hit or miss when it comes to that. Some people are really happy they are staying there. Some people are a little confused," said Ozias.

Ozias said that like many, she too was out of work during the street closure and have yet to see any funds.
With several foundations being formed, the City of Orlando, who created the One Orlando Fund, said it's important to know who you are donating to.

"Deciding on where one should donate is a personal decision. We encourage members of the community who are considering where to donate, to educate themselves on the different funds and where these funds plan to distribute and/or use money collected for," the city said in a statement issued to News 6.

Pulse said that no money has been raised with their OnePulse Fund yet, but that is expected to change during a benefit concert in Hollywood, California, next month.

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