Brevard sheriff's deputies host active shooter seminar for business workers

COCOA, Fla. – The Brevard County Sheriff's Office hosted it's first ever active shooter summit Friday.

The seminar was held at Eastern Florida State College in Cocoa and was attended by dozens of Central Florida business workers.

People were lectured on what leaders call, "The four As of survival" - awareness, arming yourself, attacking the threat and avoiding it when possible.

"You can turn the television on in any given week, and there's another tragic event," said Cmdr. JJ Woolsey. "Today's society, we see more and more of it."

Deputies demonstrated how they say a group can subdue a shooter.

In one scenario played out Friday, one person hiding behind a door catches the shooter off guard and grabs the gun as the gunman walks into a room.

Deputies say to improvise  and grab whatever you can that will do harm if you don't have a gun to fight back.

"If you stand up and lead people in a situation like this, you can save lives and it's true," said seminar attendee Cristina Santamaria, a nurse manager with Brevard Health Alliance.

"If you don't know gun safety or you don't know anything about guns, learn about it. That way you know about it and if you hear it, you'll know which way to go," said Joe Rodriguez, who owns 11 McDonald's restaurants in Brevard County.

Some other people who attended the seminar Friday told News 6 the class has inspired them to get their concealed weapons permit.

The Brevard Sheriff is hosting another active shooter seminar Saturday morning.

It begins at 8:30 a.m. at New Life Fellowship Church in Titusville.

Four-hundred people are expected to attend.

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