DeLand mom makes sign for robber

Calls out crooks for stealing camera

DELAND, Fla. – A DeLand mother hopes her creative sign to the crooks who stole her camera full of memories will work, after they broke into her unlocked car last Tuesday night.

"The center console was up, and I was so upset because I immediately knew," said Kelly Forsythe.

Forsythe said she usually locks her car, but just forgot that one night. Now, her expensive camera and a memory card full of pictures of her two children are gone.

"Pictures of just throughout the years. Birthdays and holidays," she said.

The single mother filed a report, called pawn shops, and took to Facebook, calling out the crooks. Then, she got creative.

"I wanted to put a message up that they affected someone who's hardworking," said Forsythe.

She put up a sign that read, "Dear robber, I want you to know-you stole from a hardworking, honest, single mom."

"I went through three little tubes of black paint and was painting away. I was determined," she said.

Forsythe said she doesn't care about the camera, just what's inside, and is optimistic that her creative sign will bring her memories back home.

"The memory card is what means something to me. I'm just trying to have faith in humanity," she said.

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