Orlando Women's Clinic starts Zika Fridays

The CommonSense Childbirth Clinic opens doors for moms-to-be who have Zika conce

ORLANDO, Fla. – Now that Zika is officially here, the director of an Orlando women's health clinic is working to get results and get women educated and protected from the virus.

CommonSense Childbirth Clinic is beginning Zika Fridays. The women's clinic is run by Jennie Joseph, a licensed midwife.

She says now knowing that the Zika virus has been contracted locally in Miami, it's only a matter of time until it's here, and she feels like Central Florida is at the edge of an epidemic.

So she's opened the doors to her Orlando clinic from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. for Zika Fridays, saying as a midwife it's her job to protect future mothers and their unborn babies, saying Zika Fridays is her way of getting results.

"Information handouts are here, the mosquito repellent is here, condoms are here, but more importantly there is someone here that you can talk to and answer your questions," said  Joseph. "I feel like we need some resources and we need them right now and this is a place to start for our community."

Zika Fridays will be held every Friday at the women's clinic at 6889 West Colonial Drive through October.

if you can't make it in, the CDC also has plenty of resources for pregnant women, including a hotline for moms-to-be.

For that information, click here.

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