Orlando Police Department commends officers in viral video

Police: Officers used restraint, man who filmed video shocked by the attention


ORLANDO, Fla. – In a viral video filmed by an Orlando tattoo artist, Orlando police said on Monday that their officers could have used more lethal force on the suspect.

The video shows Antwan Jordan, 27, appearing to resist officers after police said a strong marijuana scent was coming from the vehicle.

Charles Fernandez filmed the video with his cellphone.

"I was not expecting this much hype out of it. I know a couple different celebrities posted it up on their instagram page. I've had calls left and right," said Fernandez. "Just a habit downtown. You see something like that happening you want to get it on film, so you can show your friends."

Jordan was arrested a few miles away after hitting a golf cart taxi and a stop sign.

Orlando police said their officers did everything right.
"They're absolutely was more things that they could have done, but did not do," said Deputy Chief Robert Anzueto. "They had hands on, and they didn't want to let go of this guy for any reason at that point because if they did, he could have gotten the upper hand and subsequently he did."
In the video seen around the world, the two officers are seen merely inches away from being ran over.

"I was so happy it wasn't, you know the worse case scenario, and you know the first thing I looked at was the officers reactions once they fell to the ground and they both popped right back up. So, I was very, very grateful for that," said Anzueto.

The two officers involved are back at work.

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