Tourists urged to abstain from sex in Florida

Zika virus cause for caution by foreign governments


MIAMI – Florida may be known for sun, sand and, um, well... you know, but British tourists are now being told to refrain from the unprotected variety of the latter due to the Zika virus.

The Telegraph reports that the approximately 50,000 British tourists currently visiting the Sunshine State this summer should avoid unprotected sex after Florida.

Tourists who are in the state are being told to abstain from sex without a condom for up to eight weeks.

According to the report, Public Health England is now advising pregnant women to consider postponing non-essential travel to Florida.

The move comes after Florida became the first U.S. state with a locally acquired case of the Zika virus.  

The Florida Department of Health says that four cases of the virus came from mosquitoes in the Miami area.