Authorities investigate 29 car break-ins in Altamonte Springs

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office and Altamonte Springs police are investigating 29 vehicles either broken into or vandalized early Wednesday morning.

The vehicle burglaries took place at the Serra Vella at Spring Valley Apartments and Wymore Grove.

Residents told News 6 that they woke up to broken glass covering the pavement.

"By the time I got up and I came out to my car, I just saw the police out here," said victim Paul Godbee. "Honestly I don't think they were very smart. It doesn't look like it was a professional type thing. They weren't very smart on what they were doing. Yes, I believe it had to be more than one, had to be more than one person. That's a lot of cars to hit"

Witnesses told law enforcement that they witnessed three young males breaking into the vehicles.

Shantel Peterkin said that her car alarm started going off early Wednesday morning after the window was broken. Peterkin said police told her that the alarm might have scared the suspects away.

"I got to replace my window," said Peterkin. "Some of these people out here are elderly. Some people are single moms. Like, this is money that has to come out of our pockets. It's not fair."

Both Altamonte Springs police and Seminole County sheriff's deputies have not released the incident reports for the vehicle break-ins. Neither agency has said if an arrest has been made.

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