Police ID suspect run over by St. Cloud police officer

An investigation is underway after police say a St. Cloud officer ran over a man wanted in an aggravated battery.

Police said the incident unfolded Monday morning in the 1400 block of Wyoming Avenue when they were called to a report of an aggravated battery with a weapon where the man had fled.

An officer found and ordered the man, identified as Ray Prescott, 37, to the ground while he was waiting for backup, according to police.

Police said as the backup officer, identified as Glenn Whitter, responded, the front right tire of his patrol car struck the man on the ground.

Prescott was taken to an area hospital. It's not clear what his condition is.

St. Cloud police tells News 6 that they only video from that night was from a supervisor who got on scene after it happened.

Neighbor Elizabeth Steinberg says she's seen St. Cloud police at that house a few times just in the last week and didn't think much about it until the ambulance showed up.

"I just seen the police go into the door and they brought him and they were just kind of hanging around there," she said. "Then, 10 minutes later, there was an ambulance and fire trucks and then there was more police and then they stayed there for a while then the road was blocked off. There was just a lot of confusion out there."

She was confused as to why there was such a big scene, until she heard it was because the officer ran over the suspect.

"I don't think it was intentional but its is a weird accident," she said. "I feel sorry for the guy, you are on the ground getting talked to and someone runs you over that had to be weird and it had to be scary for him."

St. Cloud police say the officer involved is still on duty, and that they are still investigating what happened. They also say they plan to still charge the suspect.

News 6 asked FDLE if they are investigating the incident. Spokesperson Molly Best replied in an email, "We have received several calls about this and it is not an FDLE case, we have not been asked to assist."

No other details were immediately available.

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