Man who survives plane crash wins $1 million

Mohamed Basheer hits a stroke of luck



An Indian man who survived after his plane crash-landed in Dubai has hit another stroke of luck, now winning $1 million on a lottery ticket, The Associated Press reports.


Mohamed Basheer bought the Dubai Duty Free Millennium sweepstakes ticket July 6, just before he boarded the Emirates flight from Dubai to India. Upon his return to Dubai Aug. 3, his plane hit the runway in an attempt to land and slammed into the ground, causing the cabin to fill with smoke while a fire began spreading. The flight crew prepared the emergency exit slide and everyone on board was able to escape alive.


Basheer said the fact that everyone escaped was a "miracle."


Basheer says that after winning the money, he will continue his work at an auto-body shop until retirement and will use his newly gifted funds to help with his partially paralyzed son, grown daughter, grandchildren and wife. He also wants to try to create a program to help the poor by teaching them useful work skills.