Bear captured in Winter Garden neighborhood

Resident shares video showing bear getting into trash

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – A Florida black bear that was roaming a Winter Garden neighborhood has been captured.

The bear was caught in a trap set by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Video showed the bear sitting inside the trap, with several onlookers taking photos of the animal.

“FWC has safely captured an approximately 150-pound female black bear, which was recently reported in the Winter Garden area. Since the bear did not pose a threat to human safety, the FWC is relocating it to the Ocala National Forrest," said Susan Smith, FWC spokeswoman.

A News 6 viewer shared video earlier this week of a bear roaming around her neighborhood and getting into trash cans.

Some neighbors said they are worried that another bear or bears are still in the area.

"I'm sure there's more out there right now. That's probably a baby cub and the mother's out there worried right now," Miguel Cisneros said.

"I would like another trap back there just to be on the safe side because if they found this one, I'm quite sure the rest will be back there as well," said Jamie Morss, the niece of the homeowner who found bear in her backyard.

The FWC said bear reports have increased five-fold in the last decade in Florida, and the best way that Floridians can avoid human-bear interactions is by securing their garbage.

How to secure attractants

  • Put household garbage out on morning of pickup rather than the night before.
  • Protect gardens, apiaries, compost and livestock with electric fencing.
  • Feed pets indoors or bring in dishes after feeding.
  • Clean grills and store them in a locked, secure place (e.g. sturdy shed, closed garage).
  • Remove wildlife feeders or make them bear-resistant.
  • Pick ripe fruit from trees and remove fallen fruit from the ground.

Wildlife officials also said that screened enclosures are not secure and will not keep bears out.

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