Cops: Man breaks into College Park home, ties up victims, steals car

Man was recently released from prison on carjacking charges, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police arrested a man who they say was just released from prison when he broke into a College Park home, tied up the victims, robbed them and stole their car.

Randall Lawrence, 59, spent the last 17 years in prison after being convicted of attempted carjacking with a firearm charges and was released in April, according to police.

Police say Lawrence first went to a home on Bryn Mawr Drive and knocked on the front door, asking the victim for money or if he could work for money. When the victim said she didn't have any money or work and closed the door, Lawrence went around the house and came through an open sliding glass door, according to police.

Lawrence came up behind the victim and tried to suffocate her with a seat cushion, police said. The victim's husband then came into the room and tried to defend himself against Lawrence, who had grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the man, according to police.

"He grabbed us and pulled us through the house looking for money and looking for jewels and looking for drugs," the victim told News 6. "He said he was on heroin."

Police said Lawrence told the victims, "I want money, or jewelry or anything I can sell for heroin," and took $25 and prescription pills.

When the husband got his gun, Lawrence overpowered him and ordered the couple to the living room where he tied them both by their hands and feet with a black electrical cord, according to the report.

Lawrence stole their car and drove away, police said. The victims untied themselves and called 911.

 "I tried one time to run out the front door and scream for help not much good ... in this neighborhood everyone works except my neighbor next door and she was at the grocery store," the victim said.

Police arrested Lawrence and another man, Jeremy Gilbert, in the vehicle at the corner of Concord Street and Putnam Avenue.

Lawrence is charged with attempted first-degree murder, home invasion robbery, false imprisonment, possession of a concealed weapon, tampering with a witness, grand theft of a firearm, grand theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated assault on a victim older than 65 years old and drug possession.

Since 1975, Lawrence has spent a total of 33 years in the custody of the Florida Department of Corrections, according to police. Lawrence's criminal history includes violent offenses. He is also a high-risk sex offender.