No reduced speed limit signs posted in front of Orange County school

City officials are monitoring area for any additional safety measures

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Parents are concerned after noticing there aren't any reduced speed limit signs or crosswalks right in front of a new Orange County elementary school.

Millenia Gardens Elementary will open its doors for the first time on Monday, but parents are worried about making sure they get their kids there safely.

If you drive up and down Millenia Boulevard, you won't see any signs or flashing lights warning drivers to slow down.

"The roads are very busy and dangerous too for the children," concerned parent Erica Garcia said.

News 6 also found two designated school crosswalks, but both are several blocks from the school at John Young Parkway and Gardens Park Boulevard.

"Even for me it's dangerous when I walk, I can imagine for the children," Garcia said.

There were school zone signs painted on the road. There were also signs warning drivers of the upcoming crosswalks, but some signs were blocked by trees.

But News 6 found out not everyone is crossing at the designated intersections. Our cameras caught a family trying to cross Millenia Boulevard right in front of the school. They were dodging cars and even stopping in the middle of the road.

"I don't see any signs, anything that can parents be aware of, especially while walking the children," Garcia said.

News 6 is getting results for concerned parents. We took these issues to Orange County Public Schools, who told us the City of Orlando handles all of the school zone signage.

City officials told News 6 there is a plan in place that will start on Monday. It includes putting crossing guards at the intersections, placing temporary signage along the road reminding pedestrians to use the crosswalks as well as having public staff stationed along the roadway to assist in directing pedestrians to the proper crossings, and using digital message boards to alert motorists to drive with caution.

News 6 also got immediate results. The city says it is sending a crew out on Friday to cut down any foliage that is blocking crosswalk signs.

The city says the Transportation Engineering Department will continue to monitor the intersection as well as evaluate and study the corridor with school in session to see if any additional safety measures should be installed. City officials say they could involve installing speed reduction signs or a new crosswalk in front of the school.

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