Elderly couple hides as neighbor breaks into their home

Larry Willis, 56, arrested, charged with burglary

ORLANDO, Fla. – A 56-year-old man is being held without bond after investigators said he broke into his neighbors' home, splattering blood all over the outside.

Orlando police investigators said Larry Willis (pictured above) busted through the stained glass of his neighbors' front door and also broke the living room window, cutting himself in the process.

Inside, Pinky and Bill Sanders, both in their 80s, told police they barricaded themselves inside their bedroom and called 911.

Willis was arrested and charged with burglary.

Willis' family told News 6 that he suffers from mental illness, and they said they worry his condition with get worse as he sits in jail.

"Going back to jail is not going to help him," Mattie Streeter, Willis' mother, said.

Streeter said Willis hallucinated that dogs were after him, and she said he hasn't slept in weeks.

She said she knows her neighbors. Bill Sanders is a retired teacher, and she had just complemented him on his manicured yard.

"I love my neighbors," she said. "I wouldn't do anything, and I wouldn't let my kids do anything to hurt my neighbor."

News 6 found out Willis has a long rap sheet and has gone by at least eight aliases in cases dating back to when he was a teenager.

His family said they want to get results when it comes to his mental illness, and they're hopeful the court system will help them.​

About the Author:

Erik Sandoval

Erik Sandoval joined the News 6 team as a reporter in May 2013. He is one of the station’s lead reporters. During his time at News 6, Erik has covered several major stories, including the 2016 Presidential campaign. He was also one of the first reporters live on the air at the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

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