World's worst boyfriend sends 'rules' text to college-bound girlfriend


Stop the search.

The world's worst boyfriend has been found.

A young man (old man, middle-aged man, who knows?) sent a text to his college-bound girlfriend detailing his "rules" for her behavior while they're apart.

Unfortunately for him, the text made it's way to the Internet and now his controlling ways are up for all to see.

Ladbible showcased the ridiculous text from the paranoid boy.

In it, he tells his girlfriend that there are to be:

  • No boys
  • No drinking
  • No boys (again)
  • No drinking (again)

The boyfriend goes on to say that although this is hard for him and that he's always been a tremendously good person, his beloved is to always answer his texts.

He goes on to say that a college party is not ever more important that he is and that she must text him around 9:30 p.m. to announce when she'll be home.

Although his rules seem rather onerous, he does tell the love of his life to have fun, but reminds her one last time that there is to be No Boys and No Drinking.

Wonder how long this one will last.