Mother speaks about man who broke into hotel room

Woman was watching friend's children at Avanti Resort

ORLANDO, Fla. – A mother is speaking out about a man who broke into her hotel room.

It happened at the Avanti Resort on International Drive, just south of the Orlando Eye.

The family told News 6 that the man was arrested, but their vacation has been ruined because they have had to cope with what happened.

The mother said she was doing everything she could to keep the five kids in the room safe.

"He said he was going to mess me up for what I had done to him and Bernadet. Bernadet is the name he was calling me. He seemed to think I was somebody else," the mother said.

The mother's hands were still shaking during an interview with News 6, as she thought of the man who broke into her hotel room overnight.

"He had been able to open the window and he had his hand going through the window. He had been bleeding everywhere, continued to scream at me," the mother said.

She told News 6 she had been watching her friend's children at the Avanti Resort when she had noticed a drunken man in the hallway. Minutes later, she said, he came busting down the door. She was able to get the five children, who are all under the age of 12, quickly into the bathroom.

"He backed me towards the bathroom where I had the kids hiding, so I needed to get him out of the room," the mother said. "Honestly, I was terrified that he was going to hurt me, that I would go down and he would find the kids."

That's around the time Brad Braswell received a text from his 11-year-old daughter, urging him to come back.

"The last thing I hear from my daughter, which is all caps, 'Someone is trying to break in.' She's calling the cops. 'Daddy, hurry. He's trying to break the window.' She, of course, isn't answering," Braswell said.

Braswell said hotel security had been watching the intoxicated man for hours and didn't do anything to stop him from banging on guests' doors.

"It was an hour and a half that this guy was walking around the resort pounding on doors, and at 9:27, when he kicked in the door of my room where there were five children and a woman fearing for their life, while your security watched," Braswell said.

Deputies arrived and the man was arrested.

The family told News 6 that after the break-in, the resort gave them another room. To add to their night, the room was already occupied by a couple who were having sex.

"All I want is answers and my family taken care of, because if they're not going to, I have to," Braswell said.

News 6 reached out to the resort, which said it is working with authorities on the matter and didn't have any further comments.