Toddler recovers following rescue in Indian River

Cocoa family of four rescued Friday night after boat capsized

Four weeks before her second birthday, Kennedy Bossard is too young to one day remember her own amazing rescue. She has her incredibly thankful parents to tell that story.

Monday, Brian and Tammy Bossard met the Cocoa police officers who saved their daughter's life.

"It's a beautiful story," said Tammy Bossard.

"It's a miracle. It really is," said Bryan Bossard.

"It was pretty amazing. They were overjoyed, and being a parent myself, I can certainly understand," said Cpl. Alan Worthy, who was part of the rescue team.

Late Friday night, Tammy, Bryan. Kennedy and her 7-month-old sister, Charlotte, were all part of a dramatic rescue on the Indian River.

"I'm in the river. Our boat crashed and I have a baby stranded in the water. Please, God send someone now," Tammy Bossard was recorded telling 911 operators.

An hour would pass, before rescuers saved Kennedy.

They credit her survival to the life vest she was wearing and a pocket of air she was in underneath the capsized family boat.

Bryan Bossard wrecked the 23-footer on some power lines a few miles south of the family's Cocoa waterfront home.

He says he never saw them.

"Obviously, I either missed it or they didn't show up on the radar," said Bossard. "There's no reflectors and they're not marked."

Kennedy spent the weekend in the hospital.

Her parents say it's unbelievable she's recovered as quickly as she has.

"She has a little bruise on her head and a cut by her eye, but she woke up this morning full of life and ready to play," Bryan and Tammy told News 6. "Nine times out of 10, you don't have a good outcome with a boating accident like this. So we're just so fortunate."

What's left of the boat is currently at a marina in Merritt Island.

The family says they will go boating again, one day.

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