Donald Trump holds rally in Tampa

Republican presidential candidate returns to Florida

TAMPA, Fla. – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump returned to Florida, asking minorities to vote for him.

Trump held a rally Wednesday afternoon at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

Trump again urged African-Americans and Hispanics living in inner cities to give him a chance, saying that Democratic policies have only led to more poverty, crime and joblessness in cities like Chicago and Baltimore.

"To those suffering, I say, vote for Donald Trump," the GOP presidential nominee said, once again asking what they have to lose.

Trump said that if he's elected, he'll make sure everyone can walk down the street without being shot.

 "I want you to join the ranks of people who are making phenomenal livings," he said, addressing Hispanics. "I think we're going to do great with African-Americans and with the Hispanics,"

Earlier, Trump thanked volunteers who will be staffing one of three recreational vehicles that will crisscross Florida to register voters ahead of Election Day.

Trump hopped out of his motorcade in advance of the Tampa rally. He arrived as a thunderstorm hit, but was handed an umbrella and walked over to a crowd, declaring "I have to see my people."

Trump shook hands with volunteers, including Tony Ledbetter, a Republican official.

He also saluted his campaign's recent outreach to minorities, saying "I think we're doing really great with minority voters." 

Then, as a heavy downpour began, Trump ducked inside the RV to shake more hands.

After his Wednesday events, Trump will head to Nevada to campaign.

Trump is trying to gain traction with minority and Hispanic voters. During a speech in Ohio on Monday night, Trump said if he is elected president, he will work to curb the violence in U.S. cities and make it safe for all Americans.