Teen who saved toddler from drowning recognized with Getting Results Award

Breanna Moseley used the CPR training she learned in school to save a life

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Breanna Moseley is this week's Getting Results Award winner. Moseley used her high school CPR training to save the life of a toddler who nearly drowned in a Titusville pool.  

On the afternoon of June 3, the pool at  Timber Trace Apartments was full of kids staying cool in the summer heat.

While everyone was laughing, playing and having a good time no one noticed the toddler who ran off by herself to play on the steps.   

Moments later the 3-year old would drift off into deeper water. 

"People were in the pool with her and they didn't notice," says Amy Matthews, Public Information Officer with the Titusville Police Department, as she describes the scene. 

The child struggled to stay above water and eventually went under. 

Surveillance video provided by the apartment complex shows that approximately two minutes elapsed before the victims cousin, noticed the submerged child and pulled her out of the water. 

"He noticed her and pulled her out," Matthews says. "You can see him puling her out of the pool, walking her up the steps and Breanna rushing over." 

Breanna Moseley, 18, of Titusville, who had just arrived moments earlier heard the ruckus and ran over to perform CPR on the child who was lifeless and not breathing. 

"I turned around and saw they were holding the little girl and she was lifeless," Mosley says. "I told them to lay her down on the table and I gave her mouth to mouth."

Police and paramedics arrived on scene shortly after and found the child breathing on her own. We're told she has fully recovered.   

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