Osceola Sheriff, Clerk of Court races decided Tuesday

Voters in Osceola County are one step closer to electing a new sheriff.  Three term Sheriff Bob Hansell is retiring after 40 years with the department.

The Osceola Sheriff's Office is the only agency he's ever worked for. While some voters speaking to News 6 Tuesday say he had a good run, they also say it's time to let someone else be the county's top cop.

"He's a real good sheriff but sometimes you get burned out after 40 years. That's a long time, go retire," said voter Bob Bartlett.

"He has done a wonderful job, but we need changes. We need new people representing the community," said voter Julissa Rosa.

Dave Sklarek won the Republican primary and Russell Gibson won the Democrat primary. Those two will be on the November ballot.

Also in Osceola, the County Clerk of Court survived his primary challenge.

Incumbent Democrat Armando Ramirez defeated John Overstreet by six points.

Perhaps that gap was not larger because of Ramirez's well-documented controversies resonating with voters.

"We're going to think about it a lot," said voter Hector Huertas, when asked by News 6 if the controversies would influence his vote. "We're going to think about it, big time, big time."

Other voters praised the work Ramirez has done since taking office in 2013.

"I voted for him," said Rosa. "I think he has brought changes in the court."

The supervisor of elections says voter turnout in Osceola was 20 percent. While small on paper, that's actually the highest for the county in 16 years.

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