Woman asks for help to remove tree from roof of Orlando home

Dog led woman away from 30-foot tree falling into house

ORLANDO, Fla. – Paula Brownlow doesn't know what to do about the massive tree that crashed into her roof. It fell down last week, and has been sitting there ever since. She doesn't have any money to remove it or insurance either.

"It's rained every day. My living room is flooded. My kitchen has 3 or 4 inches in it. I can't cook on the stove. I can't use the refrigerator. I can't do anything in my house," she said while fighting back tears.

She said she's been sleeping in a tent in her driveway because she's scared the ceiling is going to collapse and cause more damage. She said the Red Cross gave her a voucher for a two-day stay in a hotel, but she's already used that. Now she said she has no where to turn, and hopes someone out there can lend a hand.

"I've lived here all my life and I have no where else to go," she said.

If you're interested in helping Paula, click here.