Couple arrested after sleeping infant left in car prompts 911 call

Duo faces child neglect charges

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A couple faces child neglect charges after leaving their sleeping infant alone in an unlocked car that was running.

"I was shocked. I'm still in shock," said a mother who found the baby.

The mother didn't want to be identified but said she couldn't believe she found the infant in the car parked next to hers at La Placita Supermarket Thursday afternoon.

"I see a little baby in a car seat. Nobody in the car, the car was running, doors were all unlocked," she said.

The woman said she waited for someone to show up.

"Should I go in the store? No, I can't leave the baby there. So, I waited for about five minutes and decided I had to call the police," she said.

Police arrived and found the parents grocery shopping inside. They arrested 27-year-old Valentine Williams and 24-year-old Tolejae Baily on charges of child neglect. The couple told investigators they didn't see anything wrong with leaving their child alone.

"If they can't have the energy or time to pick their child up and take him into a grocery store, then what's going on at home," said the witness.

"They're not neglectful parents," said Toni Rogers.

Rogers is the couple's neighbor who said they are back home with their son, and wouldn't do anything to harm the child.

"I know that they're not the type of people to even do anything of the sort. They are always with their kid. 24/7," she said.

But the mother of two who found the couple's baby isn't so sure.

"Somebody could have came and got in the car and taken off. What would have happened to the kid then?"

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