Zika concerns grow after Hermine hits Florida

State, local leaders worry the virus could spread

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There are growing concerns over the spread of Zika virus due to the rain Hermine brought to Central Florida.

"It will be here, sooner or later," homeowner Bob Stephens said.

Stephens tells News 6 he is doing his part to fight against the spread of the Zika virus. The homeowner goes around his house and searches for areas with standing water where mosquitoes can breed.

"Just got to go out and start dumping cause you got water sitting someplace," he said.

Orange County Mosquito Control says the insects that can carry the virus like to breed in man-made containers, not in ditches, puddles or ponds. That is why it is up to homeowners to look around their houses very carefully for the perfect places.

"Buckets, plants, plant saucers on the bottom, bromeliad plants, tires...there's a big list of numbers of man made containers that we're looking for," Blake Wood with mosquito control said.

Wood tells News 6 mosquito control is trying to stop the spread of the virus, especially in light of all the heavy rains and wind from Hermine.

"A lot of people we're finding that they didn't know they had standing water there because of the amount of rain we received last night," Wood said.

Governor Rick Scott weighed in on the Zika concerns now that the storm has passed.

"Combating this virus is something we must do together and everyone must do their part to take precaution in order to protect our state," Scott said.

It's a fight state and local leaders say everyone needs to be part of to prevent the spread of the Zika virus.

"Just got to dump everything, make sure that you're vigilant and you don't have anything sitting around," Stephens said.


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