Burn victim thanks Orange County firefighters who saved him

Firefighers honored for heroic efforts to save burn victim

ORLANDO, Fla. – Nam Le has never had the chance to thank the two firefighters who saved him from a burning car, and now he's finally getting that opportunity.

"It makes me feel good to give them peace of mind to say 'hey you know I'm still alive, thanks to you guys,'" said Le.

Le had burns to over 75 percent of his body, and wasn't expected to survive. But through perseverance and faith, he recovered, and decided it was finally time to meet Kenn Ward and Brian Mitchell. Both firefighters were extremely happy to see him, and said they're glad he survived.

"It's funny because when I first heard that he was wanting to meet us, I was telling this story two weeks prior to somebody else to another firefighter. So it was always fresh in my mind. I always wondered what happened," said Mitchell.

During the reunion, Ward and Mitchell were also given a unit citation award from the fire department. A spokesperson said it's well-deserved.

Le agrees and said this experience really has changed his life. He now volunteers at a special camp for burn victims and is planning to become an occupational therapist.