Central Florida doctor: Eye aperture means no more glasses

Near-sighted patients have disc placed in their eye


Call it the 21st century solution to reading glasses: KAMRA inlay.

The 15-minute elective procedure uses laser technology to implant a tiny disc over the eye’s lens and eliminates the need for glasses in six weeks or less.

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Dr. Brock Magruder was impressed enough with the procedure to include it as an option for near sighted patients at his Orlando practice.

“Your looking into a very, very small hole so that essentially everything is in focus,” Magruder said.

Magruder, head of  Magruder Laser Vision, is the first Central Florida refractive surgeon to offer the procedure.
It’s marketed as a camera for your eye but it’s really a tiny disc that works like the aperture of a camera and eliminates the need for those awkward reading glasses.

“Photographers will know what we’re talking about, Magruder said, we’re making the aperture very small so that our depth of field is improved.”

Magruder said it doesn’t “happen overnight,” with 20 percent of patients seeing an improvement in near vision by two weeks, 20 percent more in four weeks, and so on.

Tom Moench,  CEO and founder of Lakeland craft beer label Orange Blossom said he noticed loss of his near vision when he hit 40.

Once an avid reader, Moench said he stopped reading because it was a strain to make out the

He had the procedure over the summer and by July was reporting solid improvement.

“At the five-week mark, Moench told News 6, I could pick up a book and read it, I could not do that six weeks prior.”

As of this month 16 patients have had the elective procedure and report positive results.

The procedure costs $5,000. Magruder Laser Vision offers payment plans to make it very affordable.

For more information on the inlay procedure go to MagruderLaserVision.com or

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