Grand jury indicts 5 on first-degree murder charges


The Orange County grand jury has issued first-degree murder indictments for five people on Thursday.

Jose Antonio Torres was accused of strangling another man with a shoelace and dumping his body in the woods. Deputies said that attack was sparked in a jealousy-induced rage.

The other indictments included Jakell Ward, Daniel Ramos, Manuel Feliciano and Jason Rohrer.

Ward was charged in the shooting where a maintenance worker who was hit by a stray bullet died. Ward was arguing with his girlfriend inside his apartment and when the woman went to leave, Ward followed her and fired several rounds at the Magnolia Court Apartments.

Ramos was charged in the shooting that killed a 26-year-old at an Orlando apartment complex in March.

Feliciano was charged after shooting and killing a woman, then going on to shoot and injure his former boss before barricading himself in a home in  May.

Rohrer's indictment comes days after News 6 obtained body camera video showing his takedown after deputies say he killed a woman in her home in May. Rohrer's trial is tentatively set for Oct. 17. He's being held in the Orange County Jail without bond.