Three violent crimes in one week in Orlando's tourist district

Crime has increased in area over last year

ORLANDO, Fla. – There have been three violent crimes in the heart of Orlando's tourist district in one week.

The most recent incident happened at The Comfort Inn and Suites on Canada Avenue. A 25-year-old woman was robbed in her hotel just before midnight Wednesday, according to information released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

The agency later sent a release saying the incident was not "tourist-related" but gave no other details.

Sunday a man was robbed outside the Coco Key Water Resort, according to deputies.

Last Thursday, a Turkish tourist was killed in the parking lot of the Wyndham Hotel after an armed robbery, the sheriff's office said.

"That's shocking. That is absolutely shocking," Tony Clarke said. Tony and Muriel Clarke are visiting Orlando for the third time from England and staying near IDrive. They say the crimes come as a surprise because they have always felt safe. "We were quite shocked to hear the news that somebody had been killed," Tony Clarke said.

News 6 did some digging and found overall crime in the area is up 83 percent from last year, according to statistics from the sheriff's crime analysis unit. Aggravated batteries are up  89 percent, from nine in 2015 to 17 so far this year.

"Anytime you have these things happening in the tourist district they're of great concern because they can affect your economy," Capt. Sandy Carpenter, with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, said to News 6 after a June investigation.
In June, a News 6 investigation highlighted car burglaries were on the rise in the tourist corridor. We have since learned car burglaries are up 153 percent from last year, from 235 in 2015 to 595 so far this year.

There is some good news, statistics show that strong armed robberies, robberies where a weapon is not used, are down by 82 percent from last year.

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