Pipeline leak leads to higher gas prices in parts of US

Despite spill, Florida gas prices going down, AAA says

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Gas prices along the East Coast are on the rise, but Florida appears to be the exception, at least for now. 

According to AAA a pipeline leak in Alabama is leading to fuel shortages in 6 different states. In some cities, the shortage is so bad, stations have reported running out of gasoline. 

AAA reports that Florida gets most of its supplies by boat from refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, so drivers are not paying the higher prices because of the pipeline leak. 

According to AAA, gas prices in Florida have actually dropped from $2.16 a gallon to $2.15 a gallon. The national average is a bit higher, at $2.20 a gallon. 

Meanwhile, drivers in Georgia are paying as much as $2.26 a gallon because of the impact from that pipeline leak. 




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