Florida man fired after stealing Trump sign in company car

WOW Pool & Lawn Service employee caught red-handed on camera


NAPLES, Fla – It's probably safe to say that when you're going to commit a crime, it's best not to use a company car to pull off the deed.

A Florida man was caught on video stealing a Trump campaign sign while driving in a company vehicle.

The unidentified man is seen pulling up in a truck owned by the pool and lawn service.

When he thinks no one is watching, the man swipes the sign and gets back in the truck before the company's employee drives away.

The Naples Daily News says the man behind the wheel has been fired after the video from a nearby security caught him red-handed.

According to the paper, the man also urinated near the house's mailbox.

The owner of WOW Pool & Lawn Service says she received thousands of harassing calls and emails.