Judge denies temporary injunction against OneOrlando Fund

Pulse nightclub shooting survivor requests to audit fund

ORLANDO, Fla. – A judge on Tuesday denied a Pulse survivor's request for a temporary injunction to halt disbursement of the OneOrlando Fund after she filed a lawsuit seeking an audit of the $27 million assistance program.

File: OneOrlando lawsuit

The judge did set a court hearing for Oct. 6 at 10 a.m. to hear more about the lawsuit, where the judge could impose the injunction.

Jillian Amador, a paralegal at the Maitland law firm that filed the suit, also sought the removal of the OneOrlando Fund administrator Kenneth R. Feinberg.

In the lawsuit, Amador said she was inside Pulse on June 12 when Omar Mateen opened fire, killing 49 people and injuring 53 others. Amador said she witnessed several of her friends being slain and injured, adding that she suffered injuries to her face, abdomen, legs, back and feet. 

The fund is scheduled to be disbursed this week.

The injunction request was filed around 11 a.m. Friday and was denied about five hours later. The judge said the motion was denied because the defendants had not been formally served with the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Equality Florida released new video from survivors of the massacre thanking donors for the support in wake of the mass shooting. Equality Florida announced a total of more than $9.5 million has been raised for the victims.

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