Tim Kaine holds campaign event in Orlando

Both candidates keep eye on Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – Hours after hosting a debate watch party in Orlando, Hillary Clinton's running mate held a campaign event in the City Beautiful.

Sen. Tim Kaine hosted a "canvass kickoff" Tuesday morning at a campaign office on Semoran Boulevard.

Kaine told Clinton volunteers the importance of pushing for every vote possible. 

“I don't have to tell you how important Florida is. (In) Florida, the election is going to be very, very close,” Kaine said.

A new poll from the Florida Chamber of Commerce shows a near dead heat. Clinton is up 3 percentage points, but it's within the 4 point margin of error. 

“Your phone call might be the call. Your knocking on the door might be the interaction,” Kaine said.

The message resonated with those who are staunch Hillary supporters, such as Service Employees International Union representative Kimberly White.

"I do believe she has the ability to work within foreign relations. I do believe she has the ability to help us as a nation. Not only as a nation, as a globe,” White said.

White said the biggest hurdle will be getting others to believe and vote.

"I always have some people that are left, some people that are right. It's just always in your personal opinion, but if you look at the facts, if you look at the work that she's done. I believe she clearly is the better candidate," she said.

The last day to register in Florida is Oct. 11.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in their first debate Monday night before both camps return their focus to winning Florida.

The race in Florida is nearly deadlocked after a new poll by the Florida Chamber of Commerce gives Clinton a slight 3-point lead, but that doesn't mean she's going to take her eyes off of the Sunshine State.

Clinton's vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine hosted a debate-watching party Monday night at Orchid Garden at Church Street Station Monday night.

Before the Virginia senator took the stage, though, astronaut Scott Kelly introduced his wife, former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who gave a moving endorsement for Clinton just minutes before Clinton took the debate stage.

"In the White House, she will stand up to the gun lobby. That's why I'm voting for Hillary," Giffords said as the crowd cheered. "Speaking is difficult for me but come Janurary, I hope I can say these two words: Madam President."

Kelly, Giffords, Sen. Bill Nelson and Kaine all visited the Pulse nightclub memorial before heading over to the watch party in downtown Orlando. It once again is an example of how important the I-4 corridor is this election season.

"I believe that we are going to be stronger together, like Hillary does," said Kaine. "I hope that in a lot of pain can come some lessons and improvement for fighting against gun violence," Kaine added.

But it wasn't only Clinton supporters coming together in full force on debate night. There were Trump watch parties all across town as well, including one in Lake Mary, where supporters say they had something to celebrate -- the newest polls -- that both nationally and statewide show the presidential election is too close to call.

"He's doing great on the economy. She has no answers. She is bringing up the same stuff she brought up before and her plan doesn't work. His does," said Trump supporter, Bob Hooglan.

Now that the first debate is done, both candidates will head back to the Sunshine State. Donald Trump is hosting an event in Melbourne on Tuesday, while Hillary Clinton is expected back in South Florida by the end of this week.

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