Merritt Island experiences flooding

Country Club Apartments nearly underwater following rain

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – On Merritt Island, people are trying to get to and from their homes, and some cars have been seen with water halfway up to the top of their doors. Water is even seeping into some units at the Country Club Apartments complex.

"You see, they ain't got no drainage back here. It ain't even draining," said one neighbor.

"I think this is probably the worse place on the island right here," added another neighbor.

Neighbors we talked to had questions about what they're going to do when Hurricane Matthew hits.

"I'm nervous. This is only an hour's worth of rain and when it hits it's probably going to rain for like eight hours," said Jill Seibert.

Seibert said she went to get sandbags early, and the lines were long and they were running out of supplies.

"We got some sandbags for the back porch but now it looks like we're gonna need them for the front door too," added Seibert.

"The ramp right there is floating away. I tripped and fell and couldn't even get back up because the ramp was floating," said neighbor Stephanie Wright.

We found a note on the office door at Country Club Apartments, telling residents to be prepared for hurricane Matthew.

But there was no manager in sight.

"All these people have pets. We also have people with children, and we have people that are handicapped," added Wright.

Neighbors say the water usually takes a couple of hours to drain but if it gets worse they might have to evacuate.