Facebook friends used in new money scheme

United Nations and photo of U.S. ambassador part of con game

A Facebook money scheme using friends to tell  you  about exciting “good news” has been popping up
on the social media universe.

The scheme presents a story of a United Nations “empowerment” program that offers thousands of dollars to eligible Americans.

Greg Cardino, a retired Volusia County Schools media teacher, said he received the message from a woman he has known for years.

“Well, it intrigued me because I knew the person I thought I was communicating with,” Cardino told WKMG-TV News 6.

He said when she mentioned the United Nations Development Program, it was intriguing enough for him to investigate.

News 6 checked and found that U.N. program does exist, but confirmed no funds from it are issued to American citizens.

Cardino said he started texting his friend to ask if they could talk about the money and how he was eligible.

He was given a number to text and asked for specific personal information, from his mother’s maiden name to his birthday.

The final part of the bluff was two photographs claiming to be Agent Angelina Williams,with the U.N.

News 6 found they were photos of Illinois’ Attorney General Lisa Madigan and U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy.

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