Man charged with peeping through windows


ORLANDO, Fla. – A man who police say changed his story a few times when he was asked why he was at an apartment complex two miles from his own was arrested on Monday and charged with voyeurism.

A neighbor spotted a stranger looking through a woman’s window at M North Apartments and called police, according to the arrest report.

When an Orlando police officer arrived, he spotted Danny Trujillo, 27, walking in the breezeway of an apartment building.

The officer stopped Trujillo and asked why he was at the complex.

Trujillo told the officer that he didn’t live there or know anyone who lives at M North Apartments, but said he goes there all the time.

He told the officer that he parks at the complex to go for a run. Trujillo then said he was walking to the WaWa at Millenia Boulevard and John Young Parkway.

When asked for identification Trujillo said his name was Daniel Lopez and he didn’t have his ID, according to the officer's report.

The officer couldn’t verify that name, but noticed Trujillo pushing his wallet down near his waistband.

During a check for weapons, which the suspect resisted, the officer found information in the wallet identifying the man as Trujillo, according to the report.

Trujillo is charged with providing false information to law enforcement, voyeurism and prowling. His bond is set at $700.