Trump sign stolen from Winter Springs home

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – A Winter Springs homeowner tells News 6 her Donald Trump campaign sign was ripped out of her front yard sometime Tuesday afternoon.

The homeowner, who did not want to be identified, said she made her own "Trump for President" sign after the theft. She has it proudly on display in the same spot where her professional sign was stolen.

The homeowner said she paid a $10 donation for the sign.

"It was there when I left and when I got home it was gone," the homeowner said.

She tells News 6 the person behind the theft had to walk across her lawn and right up to the front door to steal it.

"It's just upsetting that someone would actually come onto my property and steal something like that," she said.

The homeowner said this is the first time in the 25 years she has lived in her neighborhood that she has put out a campaign sign. She added that she has never had anything stolen from her lawn before.

She said this isn't the first time someone has messed with her sign. She said she caught students a couple of weeks ago in her front yard grabbing the sign.

"They had come up on my property quite a few times and pulled the sign up and dropped it," she said. "I came out and [said], 'Hey, you are on private property. You can't be on my property taking that sign and I can call the police on you.' I thought I put the fear of God in him."

She tells News 6 she doesn't know who stole the sign and her right to freedom of speech.

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