Teen sexually assaulted mom's friend, police say

Albert Carmona Cotto, 19, arrested and charged with sexual battery, according to OPD.
Albert Carmona Cotto, 19, arrested and charged with sexual battery, according to OPD.

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando woman was sexually assaulted by her friend’s 19-year-old son, according to Orlando police.

The mother brought her son, Albert Carmona-Cotto, to lunch at the victim’s apartment on Wednesday before the assault happened, according to the arrest report.

Carmona-Cotto left the victim’s home with his mother, but later returned and hugged the victim. As he was leaving, he stopped and locked the door, again hugging the victim, then kissing her on the mouth, the report says.

The victim told police when she attempted to push Carmona-Cotto away, he pushed her onto the couch, and they started to struggle.

Carmona-Cotto choked the victim, plugging her nose to keep her quiet, as he tried to sexually assault her, according to the report.

The teen tried to drag the victim to a bedroom in the back of her home, police said. She held onto the doorframe to prevent him from getting her to the bedroom.

Several neighbors heard the victim’s screams and started knocking on her door, police said. A neighbor looked through the victim’s window and told police they saw the suspect on top of the victim, pulling up or down his pants.

The victim was able to crawl to the front door and allowed her neighbors to help her out of the apartment. 

A neighbor confronted Carmona-Cotto with a plunger, and the teen said, “He would shoot her” if she tried to stop her, according to the report. 

Carmona-Cotto ran from the crime scene. His mother brought him back and was arrested by Orlando police officers.

The suspect was charged with attempted sexual battery, battery and false imprisonment.​ He is held on no bond.

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