Woman: Fake ad lists her Orlando home for rent

People urged to enter home through back door

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orange County resident told News 6 someone posted a fake ad online trying to rent out the home in which she lives.

The woman said three people showed up at her door on three separate occasions over the last two days asking to see the house they read about on the website Zillow.

The advertisement offers the home listed at her address for $1,000 per month with all utilities included.

Some of the people who visited said the man offering her home told them on the phone to enter through the backyard and her back door.

"Two girls living here thinking there could be strangers in our backyard trying to get into the back door is terrifying," the woman said.

She said she checked with her landlord and they told her they didn't post the advertisement. She's posted a note on her front door warning people they're responding to a false advertisement.

One of the men who came by to see the home said the phone number he called was a Tennessee phone number.

News 6 called the number to find out why the man was advertising a home that wasn't his to rent.

A message was left on the voicemail, while the woman who lives at the address has her own message for the man listing her home.

"You're ripping people off -- people that are probably going through hard times and looking for a good deal on a place to live," she said. "That's not OK to be taking people's money."

News 6 checked with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, and they said the woman's landlord needs to file a complaint. Only then will it start tracking down the man pretending to be renting out her home.

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