Atlantic High School responds to parent's concern of hazing

PORT ORANGE, Fla. – An Atlantic High School responded on Wednesday, after a concerned parent claimed a football coach forced the varsity football players to do up-downs in a Walmart parking lot or quit the team.

News 6 returned to the high school on Wednesday and asked parents if the coach went too far by stopping the bus at a Walmart parking lot and making the players do the exercises.

"They should have been brought back to campus to do pushups or whatever. He has no right to bring the kids anywhere," said Michelle Slater, a parent.

"I think before we judge, we need to find out exactly what happened on the bus," said high school parent Laura Bonner.

The Volusia County School District told News 6 the coach stopped the bus for safety reasons, not for punishment.

They released the following statement:

"The coaches believed there was going to be a fight. They happened to be at Walmart. To get the players under control, they did 6-8 up downs. They were pulled over [at] a max of 10 minutes and then returned to the school. "

As for the four students who were kicked off the team and out of the coach's class for refusing to follow instructions, the school district said they'll report to study hall until football season is over.

News 6 called Jessica, the parent who made the initial complaint and she believes the school district didn't handle the situation properly. Jessica said the district should have talked to the parents of the football players as well and plans to take further action.