District questions school start time changes

Board members finalize survey for parents


ORLANDO, Fla. – Orange County Public School leaders are putting the final touches on a survey for parents surrounding school start times.

The district is considering the idea to change start times for high school students but want input before moving forward with the idea. 

During a work session this week, board members finalized how they will present the survey to the community. Some of the questions include whether or not start times will have a positive impact on students.

The current start time for high schoolers is between 7:10 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., depending on the school. The survey allows parents to potentially pick a later start near 8:00 a.m as well as decide if school should, in turn, go later into the afternoon. 

School start times in Orange County is not a new topic. Back in January, board members said they were open to altering the times, depending on cost factors.

The next step for school board leaders is to distribute the revised survey to the public. Officials hope to review the results at a later board meeting.

A copy of the survey is available here



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