Pizza Hut driver carjacked at gunpoint

Stephanie Spisak says she'll never deliver another pizza

DUNNELLON, Fla. – A Pizza Hut driver said she was set up to be carjacked while making a delivery in Marion County. 


Stephanie Spisak said a gun was pointed at her face and the thief took off with her car. 


"It's the first thing that came to my brain was my 3-year-old daughter. There's no doubt in my mind," Spisak said. 


Spisak was finishing her shift as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut when she got called out to a home at 3575 SW 186th Court in Dunnellon around midnight. 


"I got to the home and it was dark so it looked kind of like no one's home so I'm like 'I'm delivering a lot of food. There should be a party going on,' so I get out of the vehicle to see if there's something going on in the back," Spisak said. 


After seeing no one was in the back, Spisak said she got a bad feeling and headed back to her car. 


"As I'm turning around I see a figure approaching and proceeds to pull a gun up and tell me give me your (expletive) keys," Spisak said. "Staring down the barrel of a gun, you know, not knowing if he's going to pull that trigger."


John Arsenault lives at the home where the delivery was made. He said he didn't a hear anything. 


"The only thing I can think of is look at my mailbox. It's dark over here. There's no lights and they probably stood here in the dark and waited for her," Arsenault said.


Spisak took to social media to help locate her car. 


Within hours, people were spotting it around Marion County and calling it in to authorities. 


An anonymous person called deputies Sunday after seeing her car. 


The driver, 22-year-old Nicolo Shubert, led deputies on a high-speed chase through Ocala. 


It ended with Shubert's arrest, but not before he tried to run away and break into three semitrucks. 


As for Spisak, she's staying put inside.


"I'm never driving it again. You'll never get me to do a delivery again," Spisak said. 


News 6 contacted Pizza Hut's corporate office for a comment but the call was not returned. 


A 17-year-old and a 14-year-old were in the car at the time of the chase along with two adults. 


At this time, they are not facing any charges. 


Authorities are investigating whether Shubert and/or any of the passengers in the vehicle are connected to any other crimes.


Shubert has been charged with two counts of robbery-carjacking with a weapon, two counts of child neglect, driving while license suspended-2nd offense, felony fleeing and eluding law enforcement at a high rate of speed and attempted occupied burglary of a conveyance.


He is currently being held in the Marion County Jail on over $120,000 bond.