Former OPD officer sentenced to 51 weeks for inmate beating

Victim required surgery for ruptured spleen after Delio hit him

ORLANDO, Fla. – A former Orlando police officer convicted of attacking a man in handcuffs was sentenced to 51 weeks in jail on Wednesday.

Peter Delio was found guilty of battery with great bodily harm in September. He was caught on camera in August 2014 kneeing an inmate, Robert Liese, in the stomach.

Liese was handcuffed in a holding cell at the time, and later needed surgery for a ruptured spleen.

A civil rights lawsuit in this case went to federal court, but a jury decided not to award the victim's family any money. 

During his sentencing Delio got emotional talking about what he did.

"It disgusted me that I had made that mistake,” he said. “I had betrayed my training and betrayed the trust placed on me."

Delio also apologized to the victim Liese and said he always regretted his actions.

“I pray and hope you can still have the future you want,” Delio said to Liese.

Delio also took the stand and said he never meant any harm, and feels sick when he sees the video.


"I understand why the jury made the decision they did. It's clear to me why they did. I was wrong and I caused your injuries sir and I am deeply sorry that I did and that you had to suffer through that," Delio said while addressing Liese.


The defense attorney and prosecutor spent a long time debating over what kind of punishment Delio would get, but the judge ultimately decided to sentence him to 51 months in county jail following by probation. He will also have to complete an anger management class and pay restitution. 

Delio was fired from the Orlando Police Department in September 2015 as the results of the investigation.

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