Results 2016: Race returns

Florida votes for president, senator, more

A Leon County Supervisor of Elections poll worker watches the election process at the Leon County Courthouse on November 8, 2016 in Tallahassee, Florida, United States.
A Leon County Supervisor of Elections poll worker watches the election process at the Leon County Courthouse on November 8, 2016 in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. (Getty Images)


Floridians have cast their ballots over the past couple of weeks, and now it's time for the results.

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Florida says no to Amendment 1 and yes to medical marijuana, first responders Amendments

Florida voters approved a state constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana, which will broaden access to pot beyond the limited therapeutic uses approved by the legislature two years ago.

Voters said "no" to the controversial utility company-backed Constitutional Amendment 1 known as the solar amendment and said "yes" to first responders tax exemption, Amendment 3.

Political newcomer defeats longtime U.S. Rep. Mica

Stephanie Murphy will replace 12-term Republican U.S. Rep. John Mica in Washington, taking advantage of a newly drawn district and riding a backlash against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to victory.

Val Demings wins U.S. House race, Jerry Demings re-elected as Orange County Sheriff 


Tempers flare

Authorities say a woman campaigning for Donald Trump outside a South Florida polling place pepper-sprayed a Hillary Clinton voter during a confrontation.

Jupiter police Sgt. Bradley Vince says officers responded to the center Tuesday morning following multiple 911 calls. Police say 52-year-old Tom Garrecht and 58-year-old Donna Tatlici had exchanged words as Garrecht went in to vote, and the argument continued as he left.

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Statements from Garrecht, Tatlici and witnesses conflicted. Tatlici says she sprayed Garrecht because she was afraid of him. At some point, the woman was knocked to the ground, but it wasn't clear if Garrecht was purposefully attacking her or flailing around after being pepper-sprayed.

The state attorney's office will decide whether file assault charges against Garrecht. No arrests were made Tuesday. Both people were treated at the scene.

Undecided voters

In Miami Lakes, 37-year-old Axel Ortiz says he woke up undecided on who to vote for in the presidential election.

But on Tuesday morning, Ortiz says he cast a vote for Republican Donald Trump. He says that while he doesn't like much of what Trump says, he can't trust Democrat Hillary Clinton either.

Uncertainly was also an issue for 63-year-old Jack Leviton in Orlando. The retail worker says he usually supports Democrats, but ultimately decided to cast his ballot for the Green Party's Jill Stein because her views more closely align with Bernie Sanders. He supported Sanders in the presidential primary.

Leviton says he didn't believe in the messages of either Trump or Clinton.

Early birds

In Gainesville, three University of Florida students were among the millions of the state's voters who voted early.

Two of them -- 21-year-olds Austin Young and TJ Pyche -- cast ballots for Democrat Hillary Clinton. In fact, Pyche says he was a registered Republican who changed his party affiliation to no party after John Kasich lost to Donald Trump. The third, 22-year-old Michael Beato, declined to say who he voted for. But he was a Jeb Bush supporter in the presidential primaries.

All three say they are glad to see the divisive campaign coming to an end, and hope the country can start to heal after Election Day, no matter who becomes president.

Down ballot, all three voted against Amendment 1, which could allow power companies to impose fees on customers who install solar panels.

Young and Pyche also voted in favor of a Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana.