Thief smashes car into Citgo

Cash, merchandise stolen

DELEON SPRINGS, Fla. – Eight 2x4s and two sheets of plywood now cover the Citgo gas station.

"It looked like a semi truck had drove through the front. It was horrible," said Doc Carter.

Carter is a regular customer there and couldn't believe the $20,000 mess the crook left behind.

"That's the most crime I've seen here, so that pretty much surprised me," he said.

The burglary happened around one Wednesday morning but deputies didn't discover it until an hour later. Tire marks and pieces of metal and glass littered the parking lot.

"They were inside sweeping up the glass," Carter said.

Investigators said the burglar stole a cash register and some scratch-off tickets before he took off. Management declined to comment but Carter said he was there as employees learned of what happened.

"They were like in dismay. They didn't know how to take it. You can see the shock on their faces," he said.

Surveillance cameras captured the crook but deputies aren't releasing the footage, as they're still investigating this crime and others that they believe are related.


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