Chase turns into rescue mission for deputies

Pasco County deputies rescue and revive chase suspect

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. – A high-speed chase turned into a rescue mission for deputies in Pasco County.


Investigators say when they tried to pull over a Jeep, the driver, Jeral Bornstein, tried to run the deputy off the road before ditching his vehicle and running off.


Bornstein ran through trees and into a retention pond, but deputies had trouble finding him in the dark water until they heard him call for help.


Deputies then jumped into the water and dragged him to shore.


"It's changing hats, sometimes we're chasing after him trying to get him into custody, but if it gets to a point where his life is in danger, we have to change hats and try to save him as well," said Deputy Jason Riyad.


Borntein did not have a pulse when he was dragged on land, but deputies were able to resuscitate him and he is now facing several charges.