UCF student becomes state representative

21-year-old beats out incumbent to win house seat

ORLANDO, Fla. – While most students are preparing for their next exam, Amber Mariano is getting ready for her first term in office. The 21-year-old Republican, who attends the University of Central Florida, was just elected for the Florida House of Representatives.

Mariano is out of town right now, so Reporter Brittany Harris talked to her over FaceTime. She said she's always wanted to run for office, and felt she finally had enough experience to do it. She said she's been a long time member of the student government, and has worked for a couple of legislators including U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

"People are tired of not seeing any change and no progression. I think by having someone so young in there, it'll bring a new energy that they're not used to seeing up in Tallahassee," said Mariano.

Speaking of the Capitol, she'll be heading up there next week for orientation, and after that, she'll get sworn into office.

Mariano said it's been a surreal experience. "Just actually being here and getting phone calls saying hello Representative Mariano, it just doesn't feel right yet, but it's just the best thing. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I'm so blessed," she said.