Hundreds gather for anti-Trump protest at Lake Eola


ORLANDO, Fla. – In just a few days, Josh Meeks and his friends rallied hundreds of people for an anti-Donald Trump protest at Lake Eola Friday.

Meeks says the protest is more of a chance to create unity no matter your political affiliation.

"It's important for me to have this because I know a lot of people in the community right now personal friends of mine and people who I also don't know. People I work with, people I go to school with who I see on the road every day, they're going through a tough time right now," Meeks said.

Meeks linked with another group for the protest. It's one he promised would be peaceful.

"No matter who is in the office. No matter who is running our system that we will still stand for each other," Meeks said.

Interestingly enough, a prayer rally for churches from around Orlando is meeting in the same area as Meeks' protest.

The rally was scheduled months ago.

"I don't think it's happen stance. I think this is a timely message of unity," said Pastor Justin Johnson with One Church.

"We have different forms of expressing it. A prayer group and what we have are very similar in the final intent. In that we want to uplift everyone who is in attendance and make them feel like they have some sort of security for the future," said Meeks.

Meeks worked with Orlando police to keep the protest peaceful.

No violence has been reported, but one video from the event shows a Trump supporter getting into a verbal altercation with protesters. The crowd can be heard chanting "Trump not hate" in the background.