Fireworks barge catches fire on Lake Eola, fire officials say

Crews work to put out fire after barge in flames in middle of Lake Eola

ORLANDO, Fla. – A fireworks barge was in flames Saturday in the middle of Lake Eola, the Orlando Fire Department said.

A firework had exploded while on the barge, causing it to go up in flames.

Officials said it happened during the Come Out with Pride fireworks display.

Multiple crews worked to put out the fire, officials said.

There were no injuries reported.

On Monday afternoon, Come Out with Pride director of marketing and communications Jeff Prystajko released a statement shedding more light on what exactly happened.

"Our show uses pyrotechnic repeaters which can shoot multiple fireworks; they are made of cardboard, and during firing one burst and caught fire approximately five minutes into the 15 minute sequence," Prystajko said. "When this somewhat common situation happens on land, technicians would stop a show and extinguish before continuing."

The Orlando Fire Department and the show's producer were able to evaluate the situation and determine that no one was at risk and the show was safe to continue.

Once all the fireworks were set off, officials extinguished the small fire that remained.

"Again, the safety of everyone at the festival is our top priority and at no point was the public in any jeopardy," Prystajko said.

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