Task force studies club safety in wake of Pulse attack

Group to present findings to Orlando City Council

ORLANDO, Fla. – A special task force focused on studying security improvements since the Pulse terror attack will present its final findings to city leaders on Monday.

The Night Club Task Force was first formed in 2015 to tackle issues with after hours clubs, but the primary mission shifted to security after the mass shooting on June 12.

The task force met in July to discuss possible safety changes that would prioritize building relationships between law enforcement and bar owners.

"It's a partnership. Hopefully, you know, they are doing the things to keep everyone safe such as wanding, searching, maybe ID scanners," Deputy Chief Eric Smith said.  "It's those kind of things, and then it's up to us to keep the area safe. We patrol the parking. We patrol the streets like we do. We have cops on the corners."

Some venues implemented new security procedures in the months following the terror attack at Pulse, where 49 were slain and 53 others were injured.

Paul Emry, who works at Wall Street Plaza, said it's important for bars and clubs to work side by side with police and help identify possible security issues.

"I think it's pretty obvious. If you are communicating with your police, things go smoother, things are safer. Everybody is happier in the long run. So we try to communicate as much as we can," Emry said.

The final findings for the task force will be presented at 10 a.m. Monday at a city council workshop.

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